We believe that a growing small and medium business sector will be the pivot of growth in South Africa at the forefront of creating jobs, it turn creating wealth which leads to a well educated society free from the shackles of neediness. Only through wealth and education can we create a strong sustainable economy and country which will provide the future we desire for our children.


We develop integrated marketing systems that will allow businesses to grow, a business that grows needs more employees, and in turn will create the basis for educating these employees. Their income derived from a successful business that grows will enable them to better educate their children, and there is nothing better than leading by example.


We do marketing and sales

What is Sales Leads?

Sales Leads provides a multi platform business growth system that utilizes various aspects of online and offline marketing to generate more leads and convert more sales for businesses by using complex tracking and processes to educate prospects about the business, their product and the value the business brings to the market. it uses systems to automate the processes and track the results thereby creating more optimises systems and processes so the business can scale and grow.

it is a systematic process of growing a client’s business through effective and efficient marketing using all channels that are applicable to a specific business, finding the best converting channels while growing the prospect database and marketing to these prospect through the business value proposition and only factors.

It is the only company that focuses not only on the traditional “traffic and advertising” but actually turning the traffic into leads and then converting the leads to sales. We build a duplicatable and scalable process which also allows for “quick cash” injections when required.

Who is Sales Leads

The business Sales Leads was established in 2005 for the purpose of helping small and medium size businesses get more leads with the use of Search Engine Optimization and paid traffic. We still do that today but have expanded our services to get more from each lead.

The registered business name is Clickcertain (PTY)LTD and the reason is because we could not register the name Sales Leads, there is another business called Solder Leads (of course offering a totally different product). Because the name Sales Leads describes exactly what we do we stuck with it.

What does it look like

How is it different

The purpose of marketing is to deliver a sales ready lead to the sales team. A sales ready lead is a prospect that is educated enough on the business and product that will lead to a positive interaction/sale.

We attend to each contact point with the prospect and ensure they get enough and the right information so when they speak to a sales person they are ready to take action.