Generate More Leads For Your Business

You know what the value of a 10% increase in new sales leads for your business means

For many businesses we have assisted over the past ten years it is the difference between small profits, breaking even and actually making a profit.

There are multiple different ways in which to increase leads for your business online and off-line. They all still work but in varying degrees of success.

The most effective way in which to reach your target audience is to advertise to the prospects who are considering buying your product or service. Every business owner knows this all too well.

On any day there are also prospects who are ready to buy.

This is common knowledge, what is much more of a challenge is finding those particular prospects at the time when they are ready to buy.

And this is the challenge we address

There are two types of prospects, ones who are ready to buy today, and the balance are going to buy but they are not ready to make the commitment today. (also meaning they are not going to call your business or complete a form to receive a quote or a call)

We address both types of prospects getting information from each depending on where they are in the buying cycle.

Here are some results we have recently achieved for a client.

The first is “prospects who are not ready to buy now, or want to make any form of commitment now. They are still looking and gathering information.

The second, prospects who are raising their hand and asking for a price and are ready to receive a call.

These results are over a period of six weeks for a product that starts at R125 000. The average sale price is R 214 839.

They close at around the 10% mark.

Here is the traffic we generated to the website over the past 30 days.

The numbers should tell the story so I am not going to bore you with the details of how we get these same results for all our clients.

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